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Tanning Packages & Pricing

Packages & Pricing

We also have gift certificates available, that make the perfect gift. We are honoring all Premier Tanning Packages.

Spray Tanning

per session - depending on number of applications
for 3 sessions - depending on number of applications
for just legs, per session - depending on the number of applications
  • Information on how to prep for your appointment
  • Consultation with
    #TammyTan (owner)
  • Norvell Products
  • Color Match - Never Orange
  • 15-30 minute Session
    depending on the number of applications
  • Comfortable & Relaxing Environment
  • Quick & convenient alternative to traditional tanning
  • By Appointment Only

Tanning Packages

1 Visit
  • 1 Visit with Super Bed
  • 5 Visits $25.50
  • 10 Visit $45.50
  • 1 Month Unlimited $60.50

Red Light Therapy Bed

1 Visit
  • 1 Month Unlimited $120
    Red Light
  • 3 Month Unlimited $325
  • Supports Immune System & Kills Germs!

Spray Tanning Packages
A Professional Flawless Glow


Chosen the #1 Spray Tanning Solution by Salon Professionals Norvell sunless spray tanning products are the choice of professionals around the globe. Each product is formulated to deliver not only a Just off the beach™ natural tan, but a healthy skin treatment as well.
So what does a package include? And what are some benefits?

Red Light Therapy Bed

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a healing treatment which uses the red spectrum of light to boost and energize your body's natural defence system and bring relief from various aliments. The treatment involves shining red light on yourself in a prescribed manner. It has been proven effective for a wide range of rejuvenating and healing uses. These include anti-aging, hair regrowth and hair loss prevention, wound care, pain relief and more. It is 100% natural therapy with zero noted side effects.
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Red light therapy is often used for acne by itself but more commonly in conjunction with blue light therapy. Red wavelengths can help acne sufferers as it helps reduct inflammation.


Red wavelengths actively encourage the production of collagen, which provides structure to the skin. By increasing the strength and structure of the skin you reduce of wrinkles and fine lines while the appearance of bags under your eyes decreases.


Red and amber light therapy can be very useful in treating the redness, burning and stinging sensations as well as easing the itching and paules related to this chronic skin disorder through their inflammation reducing properties.


Light therapy has been used to treat eczema but is not the most used form of light thereapy for this disease. The anti-inflammatory features of light therapy help reduce and sooth the redness of eczema.

Regular cuts, abrasions and burns

Using red light therapy as part of your treatments for cuts, abrasions or even slight skin burns will help reduct the pain felt and helps make sure that they recover as rapidly as possible. This may also help reduct the risk of infections as your damage heals quicker and also reduces the change of permanent scarring.

Scars and stretch marks

Scars, from acne, surgery, injuries and birth are both faded and reduced through routine red light exposure because of the boost it can supply to the body's ability to increase blood circulation.


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